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แองเคอ 1


Private HOuse

Architects: Housescape Design Lab

Area: 320

Year: 2020

Lead Architects: Peerapong Promchart

Landscape: -

Maker Team: C.Wiruj,  C.Lung Boon, C.Mod

Assistant Maker and Experimental Team: -

Clients: Privacy

Structural Engineer: Jar Pilawan

Structural Engineer and Consultant: -

Sanitary Engineer: -

Manufacturers : -

Photographs : Housescape Design Lab


The main idea for this house is "Flow Space". It's a deal for a small plot of land. This building aligns the building to face the sunlight during the day. Open the space in front of the building to be a garden. and swimming pool

This house is designed to transform future living spaces into offices, so it has the nature of opening spaces inside the building to connect to each other.

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