Baan jihang saen

Architects: Housescape Design Lab 

Area: 210

Year: 2021 - 

Lead Architects: Peerapong Promchart

Landscape: -

Maker Team: - C.Wiruj, C.Tuy, C.Cha, C.Sook, C.Funh, C.Tah, C.Nut, C.Sant, C.Lung Boon, C.Lung Somchai C.Mod

Assistant Maker and Experimental Team:  Pair Thiprada, Lac Soyjin

Clients: Na' Nok

Structural Engineer: Jar Pilarwan

Structural Engineer and Consultant: -

Sanitary Engineer: -

Manufacturers : Seamless roof, American Standard, ORM

Photographs : Housescape Design Lab